Saturday, August 04, 2007

Finding Prospectuses for Hong Kong Stocks

One of our blog reader asks about where to find the prospectus of Hong Kong stocks. Here is the way. Normally the prospectus is available online through the websites of stock exchange. For Hong Kong stocks, you may go to the website of Hong Kong Stock Exchange ie and follow the following instructions :

For Already Listed Stocks :

Click on the "Investor" section at the left and then click on the link "Current Securities" under Listed Company Information Search. Type the stock code (eg ND Paper is 2689), select a time period that covers its ipo and also select "Prospectuses" at the pull down menu of "Document Type". Finally click the "Search" button. You will find your needed prospectus.

For IPO Stocks :

Click on the "Listing Matters and Listed Companies" section at the left and then click on the link "Main Board - Prospectus" for the latest ipo prospectuses.



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